Jeffery Trinidad

IPAS is my second family, they have always supported me in a friendly, welcoming and caring environment. At every chance I get I still go back to IPAS to teach classes and workshop to hopefully inspire the younger students as the IPAS teachers always inspired me.

I started training at IPAS when I was 10 years of age in all styles of dance and singing. IPAS allowed me to get the best industry training both as a young junior student and also when I was aiming to be a professional.

I started as a recreational student then moving into the Elite team and eventually deciding it was the pathway I wished to take for my future. I completed a Certificate IV in Performing Arts as well as VCE and VET Dance Course with IPAS. In year 12 I was honoured to received a Premiers Award by receiving a perfect study score for VET Dance. I was fully prepared in all ways by the professional teaching staff to enter the Entertainment Industry to which I am now a part of. (Jeffrey is currently appearing in the Lion King)


Francesca Buscema

Since the age of 5 I have called Isolation Performing Arts Studio my home. No words will ever express how grateful I am to be apart of IPAS. IPAS has always been my second home and I couldn’t have asked for a better bunch of people to call family ever since I started.

Not only did I gain training and developed strength in my technique and flexibility with the guidance of the highly skilled faculty in which I look up to everyday, I also was pushed in performance value and in this industry it’s not only about being a teachniqual dancer but how you use your face as an all round performer.

Kerrie Power has truly shaped me into the performer I am today. Kerrie is an unbelievable talent and inspiring person who I had an absolute pleasure of working and learning so much from. I couldn’t ask for a better person to guide me through my dancing years. I cannot thank her enough for her support, guidance and positivity.

Isolation Performing Arts Studio has trained many dancers into professionals and YOU definitely want to be a part of it!


Cassandra Benn

I started dancing with IPAS at the age of 6 and stayed with the IPAS family for 14 years. Although I did not pursue a career in the performing arts I will be forever grateful for the invaluable tools I learnt through my years of performing which I now apply to my professional career. As a performer you learn how to be confident, prioritise, multi-task, work as a team and handle pressure all of which are highly regarded skills needed to tackle the professional world.


Stephanie Molinaro

I have been a member of the IPAS family for 9 years and have loved every minute of being there. Kerrie and all of the IPAS teachers have been fantastic to me in helping me improve my technique and performance qualities. Also being a competition student for the last 7 years, our teachers are always at competitions to cheer us on and support us on stage no matter what. IPAS is the best dance family to be a part of because of the fun and friendly nature created by every single teacher and student.


Wanda Capraro

Isolation Performing Arts is more than just a dancing school. It’s like a family. Over the past 15 years my daughter has grown from a shy girl to a confident adult. IPAS has not only taught her the discipline of dance, but also about friendship, leadership, dedication, responsibility, community, and respect for herself and others.

As a parent I have also enjoyed taking part in various activities and have made many friends.

I recommend IPAS to anyone who would like to become a professional dancer or just dance for fun. You might find you make lifelong friends along the way


Gianna Buscema

We have been with Isolation Performing Arts Studio for 17 years now. It is our second home and all the girls and boys there are our second family. It is a happy, warm, friendly and family environment.

I have two daughters that are still dancing and teaching at the school. The teachers have taught my daughters so much and have made them learn that dance is a true passion and to live for it. They will take all the things they have been taught further into life. My girls have experienced a sound foundation in dance at IPAS and I’m sure they will carry it with them always. They have learned some of the most important lessons about themselves, confidence, technique, how to treat people with respect, how to keep commitments, how to balance time and most of all – how to have fun. I have no doubt that they are ready for the Professional Entertainment Industry. One of my daughters have completed the VET Dance Course with IPAS and achieved a perfect score for VET Dance.

I truly recommend Isolation Performing Arts Studio to anyone who is thinking about putting their children into a dance school.


Heby Grobe

What an amazing school, with amazing and inspirational teachers, who guide encourage and nurture all their students and help mould them not only into amazing dancers, performers and singers . But also help mould them into amazing people. All kids learn by example, and what amazing examples to follow!!

The students and teachers and parents at Isolation Performing Arts are some of my favourite people on earth, Jazmin J-swag Varlet and I love coming there, it’s like another home and our other family… We love you all xxxoo



I started bringing my daughter to IPAS in 2016 as I just wanted her to do something fun before her first year of school and never expected I would continue beyond this year. I now find myself enrolling her again and also her little sister in 2017.

The reasons are that: you have such a warm family feel to your studio, everyone has been so friendly and helpful, from the staff to the parents and the children, we have enjoyed coming every Saturday morning and it has become a great way to spend Mummy/Daughter time together and my daughter absolutely LOVES it! (I think our entire family will know every song/dance routine from the Concert by the end of the holidays!)

From someone who has never been involved in dancing, thank you for making this experience so wonderful, we look forward to being back in 2017.


James Ostroburski

I spent my childhood as a member of the Isolation Performing Arts family. Kerrie was not only an incredible dance teacher, but also a mentor and friend. I was not a confident young person. I struggled to make meaningful friendships at school and didn’t connect with many of the after school activities I took part in as a child.

Encouraged by Kerrie and a family friend – I enrolled in Saturday Jazz & Tap classes at 10 years old. That moment in time changed my life. I absolutely loved dancing and singing – it was a way that I could express myself and I immediately connected very strongly with my classes & teachers. I felt part of something special, something important.

In the years that followed I became a part of the furniture – I took classes several days a week including private lessons, competition classes, jazz & tap, ballet, singing and more. Concert time was the biggest thrill. I absolutely loved performing.

IPAS is regarded in the industry as one of the top dance training schools in Melbourne. It gave me the elite training and foundations that led to me going on to major in dance at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School.

I am so grateful for my time with the IPAS family. I formed the most wonderful friendships – many of which live on to this day. Whilst I didn’t pursue a career as a dancer – IPAS was the beginning of a wonderful career as a dance educator, producer, arts administrator and advocate. Kerrie and her team are exceptional teachers and mentors. I couldn’t recommend them more highly and am so thankful for my time with the school.

Participating in the arts gives our lives richness and meaning and undoubtedly plays a critical role in childhood development and wellbeing. These experiences can have significant benefits for young people, influencing the way they think, learn, interact with each other and understand the world.