IPAS offer private lessons for all of our students in any of the styles and genres of performing arts that we have available. Privates give the dancer an excellent opportunity to consolidate and accelerate what they have previously learned in their technique classes.

The “one-on- one” tuition allows both the student and teacher to focus more closely on correcting individual technique and also provides an opportunity to discuss the student’s personal performance development in detail, while the teacher is choreographing specifically for the student.

Usually these lessons are taken to learn and refine a piece
of choreography that has been custom-created for a soloist, duo or trio, and these routines are often used for competition work or for VET/VCE. Students are also able to have casual private classes to catch-up on any missed concert, exam or performance work. Private lessons can also be used to work purely on general technique in any of the dance styles, or for strength-building, flexibility and body conditioning.

Private lessons may be booked as an on-going weekly or bi-weekly class, or casually when required. If you would like weekly private lessons, a Private Lesson Application must be filled out and processed with administration early in the year to secure an appropriate time-slot. We do accept applications throughout the year, however there may be a Wait-List if availability is limited.

Private Lesson Online Application

Please contact us here for all enquiries.

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