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The Isolation family has been established since 1989 and offers a variety of classes, ranging from hip-hop to pointe to Glee. This is vital to the training of a dancer as the performing arts continuously require dancers to be as versatile and well-rounded as possible. The relaxed “home away from home” atmosphere students and parents experience when they become a part of Isolation helps to encourage our students to strive for excellence in the most enjoyable way possible under the guidance of our experienced and friendly teachers. At Isolation Performing Arts Studio our aim is to guide and enhance the full creative and technical development of every student. Our knowledgeable teachers are experienced in bringing out the best in students of all ages. We endeavour to nurture each student’s love of the performing arts, and hope to inspire and motivate each individual’s sense of creativity and performance artistry by joining with them in the joy of achieving new skills.

We encourage all students to have fun and to reach their highest potential to achieve excellence every step of the way.


Classes offered include:



jazzJazz is a very fun and energetic style of dance consisting of mostly sharp and strong movements. It incorporates a variety of dance styles and is a very powerful form of dance where dancers execute technical steps to music. Jazz encourages flexibility and builds on strength by involving a combination of kicks, turns, jumps, pirouettes and fancy footwork.







Funk/Hip Hop

hip-hopThese are types of street dance usually performed to current hip-hop and funk music styles. Hip-Hop is an upbeat and fun genre of dance that is growing in popularity amongst both girls and boys in all age groups. Commonly seen in film clips, this fun and upbeat style of movement incorporates many street techniques including Break, Krunk, House, Funk and Popping and Locking.

Our talented staff aim to teach a solid foundation of technique and build gradually on the various styles found in the Hip-Hop genre.

We offer Hip-Hop classes for Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels so that the student will learn at a suitable progressive rate and advance as their technique and skills grow. IPAS also offers a Boys Only Hip-Hop/Funk class. This class is designed to allow the boys to work in their own environment with style appropriate moves for male Hip Hop dancers.  It incorporates boys of all ages which we have found to be beneficial to both the juniors and seniors.  The Junior boys having the opportunity to learn and look up to the more advanced boys and the older boys enjoying passing on knowledge and helping with the training of the younger students. This class can be taken on its own or is free when the boys attend the theatrical dance classes.




tapThis is a dance style where the rhythm of music is audibly tapped out by the dancer wearing special shoes that are fitted with metal plates on both the toes and the heels to create sound. Tap focusses on musicality and is a very energetic dance style that involves complex and intricate steps to create aesthetically pleasing routines.








Classical Ballet 

142This is a traditional technique that builds and develops strength and control to give the dancer the ability to perform with precision and grace. The style of dance you would see organisations like the Australian Ballet perform.







Pointe Work 

pointeThis is an extension of the classical ballet classes where you dance on your toes in specially designed shoes. We offer this class by invitation only to ballet students who are of an appropriate age, standard and who demonstrate the strength and control required for pointe work.







ContemporaryContemporary Technique class focuses on developing strength and control while exploring a more abstract form of movement. There are strong elements of ballet, jazz and lyrical combined in this expressive and versatile genre of dance and there is more freedom of movement permitted than in other styles, which allows the dancer the opportunity to discover more interesting ways to express their feelings and ideas.

Usually performed in bare foot or foot thongs, contemporary technique class incorporates the use of themes and motifs to develop a fluid series of movement. A very broad range of music may be used in this technique. Areas covered in this class include: floorwork, stretch and body conditioning, flexibility, improvisation and partner work.

IPAS offers this class as an opportunity to vary the student’s skill set and encourage a more well-rounded dancer. This class partners well with the VCE/VET Dance Program and it provides the student with an excellent opportunity to refine their technique and build on their skills in a more modern and abstract genre of dance.






Isolation offer Acrodance acrobatics classes. Acrodance is the internationally recognised program for developing strong, flexible and well-rounded acrobats. The class is a fast paced mixture of flexibility, strength, balance, limbering and tumbling so students are able to perform skills such as handstands, forward rolls, bridges, cartwheels, aerials and backflips. This program has been designed to encourage progressions and build on skills that can be used in all aspects of performance, that means this class is suitable for beginners all the way to established dancers. This diverse class is a fun experience which will help the student to step outside of their comfort zone, make some great friends and wow audiences with their newly developed skills.

Components of the classes are:

> Flexibility: passive and active flexibility training.
> Strength: developing and maintaining upper, lower, and mid-body strength.
> Hand-stand: increasing upper-body strength and also increasing coordination for more dynamic acrobatic skills.
> Stationary Skills: backward walkover, forward walkover, limber, tic-toc, standing back-flip, standing back-sault.
> Low Impact Tumbling:  such as cartwheels, back-flip step out, headspring step out.
> Power Tumbling: such as round-off, aerial, round-off backflip, round-off back-sault, front-sault.




Singing/ Vocal development 

SingingGroup and Private Singing lessons are available for all ages. If you are a beginner or already singing, we can cater for your individual needs. Students have the opportunity to do ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts) Modern Singing Exams and we also cater for VCE Solo Performance Voice – Contemporary Popular. All singing students will be taught in a fun and enjoyable environment whilst learning breathing skills, clear enunciation and proper formation of vowel sounds, interpretation of songs and performance techniques. Beginners will focus on developing their voice and confidence. Advanced students will progress to gain a high level of technical ability, voice projection, harmony and improvisational skills to become an all round performer.

Our singing students have the opportunity to perform in both of our End of Year performances, depending on which classes they are enrolled in. Singing students are sometimes invited to work in conjunction with our theatrical students, and we always encourage a sense of teamwork and collaboration between the different genres of the performing arts.  We also train and prepare singing students for any up-coming competitions, eisteddfods or auditions.




Glee Club 

As seen on the hit show “Glee”. Glee classes combine singing, acting and dancing set to a very broad range of musical styles and genres. Inspired by the popular television series, Glee class provides the student with the opportunity to develop their performance skills and build confidence in a nurturing and friendly environment, all while having fun and learning to work as part of a team. IPAS offers Glee classes for Primary and Senior students. Genres of music used in these classes will range from Broadway/Musical Theatre to Country to Funk and popular commercial hits.

Glee is a great style of performance to be enjoyed by students of all ages. These classes will have an opportunity to perform on stage at the end of November each year.




Musical Theatre 

musical-theatreThis is a theatrical combination of dancing, singing and general performance, as seen in stage shows incorporating song, dance and acting. The story and emotional content of a musical are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the entertainment as an integrated whole.





Acting classes at Isolation are suitable for all ages and ability levels. Classes will teach students the basics when it comes to dramatic performance styles, script reading and writing, expressive skills and other necessities needed when stepping onto the stage. Whether it be for an acting performance, a speech or even a job interview, acting class gives students the confidence, commitment and motivation needed throughout life. During the course of the year, there will be at least two performance nights held; one at the end of each semester to showcase what we have prepared. This will include ensemble work with all ages, solos and duos. All students will get the opportunity to write their own skits as well as interpret famous scenes from writers. Activities that will be run during class will be aimed at building team work, confidence and friendship amongst the students in the class.

Areas that are covered in these classes include: script and scene work for televisions and stage,  speech and language development, creative movement, drama, improvisation and structured improvisation, production and performance work.


Music – Piano

pianoGroup and Private Piano lessons are available for all ages. Lessons are taught from beginner to advanced on a digital piano with the option of selecting classical or modern. Students have the opportunity to do ANZCA (Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts) Piano Exams. All music students will focus on exercises, scales, pieces, sight readings, aural training and piano theory in class.

Through these classes, students will have the opportunity to be creative through improvisation while learning and developing traditional elements of musical technique. The graded courses lead to recognised diplomas and assessments are conducted by qualified, professional musicians.




Private Lessons

sarahLIPAS offer private lessons for all of our students in any of the styles and genres of performing arts that we have available. Privates give the dancer an excellent opportunity to consolidate and accelerate what they have previously learned in their technique classes.

The “one-on- one” tuition allows both the student and teacher to focus more closely on correcting individual technique and also provides an opportunity to discuss the student’s personal performance development in detail, while the teacher is choreographing specifically for the student.

Usually these lessons are taken to learn and refine a piece

of choreography that has been custom-created for a soloist, duo or trio, and these routines are often used for competition work or for VET/VCE. Students are also able to have casual private classes to catch-up on any missed concert, exam or performance work. Private lessons can also be used to work purely on general technique in any of the dance styles, or for strength-building, flexibility and body conditioning.

Private lessons may be booked as an on-going weekly or bi-weekly class, or casually when required. If you would like weekly private lessons, a Private Lesson Application must be filled out and processed with administration early in the year to secure an appropriate time-slot. We do accept applications throughout the year, however there may be a Wait-List if availability is limited.

Private Lesson Online Application

Please contact us here for all enquiries.



Recreational Classes

recreationalWe offer weekly recreational classes in all styles of dance and performing arts for students who wish to appear on stage in our end of year concerts. These classes allow the students to progressively improve and learn new techniques, and also engage in the development of a piece of choreography in their chosen style/s. Dates, details and all relevant information for these performances are usually given to all students in the first few weeks of Term 1 of each new year. Any new information that arises regarding these performances will be related to students via newsletter as soon as possible. These performances will usually require students to attend a full day of photos and dress rehearsal on a regular class day prior to the shows, and also a technical rehearsal on stage. There is no extra commitment required outside of these rehearsals. There is a costume fee for the purchase of a costume per each style that the student participates in. Our theatrical classes cover jazz, tap, and may incorporate singing and acting skills.

While we always try to encourage our students to perform on a professional stage at least once a year to enhance their training and artistic development, students do always have the option of participating in any class for technique development only. It is not a compulsory requirement to perform in the end of year concerts should the student choose not to. Please advise administration and teaching staff upon enrolment and at beginning of term if you do not wish to perform.




concertEach year IPAS holds several performances for students to appear in and for family members and friends to observe. Performing on a professional stage provides irreplaceable experience for the artist, and this promotes a level of confidence that no other medium can match.

Please note, performances are not compulsory for Part Time and Junior School students, however all students are encouraged to participate, as being on stage and in the theatre provides the students with a better understanding of how the performing arts industry operates. It also gives each student the opportunity to perform and showcase their new skills for family and friends in a more professional setting.

Usually there will be at least 2 extra rehearsals closer to the concert dates which are compulsory for all students who are performing to attend. Details of these dates are generally given out at the beginning of each new year so that students and parents can be prepared well in advance.

End of Year Concert – NOVEMBER

This annual performance incorporates one or more routines from each of our week night classes, and sometimes includes some competition routines from our Elite Teams.

End of Year concerts – DECEMBER

This annual performance will include routines performed by members of all Saturday classes and IPAS Competition students. There are usually two shows on this day, a matinee and an evening performance, and all students who choose to participate are expected to commit to the entire day in the theatre.

There are often other performance opportunities throughout the year for our competition Elite Teams. As these performances are at different times from year to year, students and parents will be notified by our staff leading up to each event.


Class Rates:

Please enquire at reception for class rates information sheet, which also includes our payment policy.

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