Acrobatics (AcroDance)

What is AcroDance?

AcroDance is the beautiful fusion of the artistic motion of dance and the athleticism of acrobatics. The Acrobatic Arts syllabus is a progression-based professional curriculum for acrobatic dance. This program is designed to promote excellence in flexibility, strength, balance, limbering, tumbling, basic contortion and partner/group stunting for all dancers from beginners all the way to established performers.

Through thoughtful progressions, new skills will be introduced to the dancer once their bodies have been trained and are ready for it. This progression base greatly reduces the potential for injury, creates more technically correct work, helps dancers to progress through skills faster and helps to create a well-rounded dancer. This diverse class is a fun experience which will help the student to step outside of their comfort zone, make some great friends and wow audiences with their newly developed skills.

sarah-flipComponents of the class include:

Flexibility: Static, Dynamic and Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) stretching

Strength: Whole body strengthening and maintenance with an emphasis on core strength elements. Concentric, eccentric and isotonic contraction to encourage lean muscle growth.

Balancing: Handstands, forearm stands, chest stands, headstands, scorpions and leg holds

Limbering: Forward and backward Arabian, forward and backward walkover, bridge, bridge retire développé, Tinsica and Valdez.

Tumbling: Forward and backward handsprings, ariels, forward and backward rolls, dive rolls, cartwheels, round offs.